Our Teachers

Pinto LeBrun is our famous and fabulously popular curvy girl teacher! She has lots of experience in dance movement, fire dancing, and pole fitness. Her classes are full of great vibes, fun, and self-exploration through movement. Follow her on IG @katiepintobellafish for her adventures working at Arcosanti and the studio.

Tori Ollar has been pole dancing for 5 years with a focus on beautiful leg and heel work. She is absolutely mystical to watch as she floats around the pole like a magical fairy. Her focus is on the feminine side of moves, tricks, and combos with refining movements as a platform for her classes. You can follow her @slinkyhoe3 on IG.

Jen James Martin has a list of truly amazing certifications, including being the aerial director at Body & Pole in New York, where she put together a lot of showcases besides teaching aerial classes. She is also a classically trained dancer, which shows in all of her movements and expressions. You can follow her @suspendedfluidity on IG.

Marci Payne is our fearless Buti Yoga teacher who empowers and strengthens women in several classes a week through the power and beauty of her unique style. You will never leave her classes without getting a good workout of hard-hit moves and rockin’ music designed to keep you maxed out in performance. You can follow her @marci_payne_buti_1111 and purchase class packs from her directly.

I am truly grateful to be blessed with such a talented group of teachers who make all our classes well-rounded with different styles and approaches!