Daily Classes

Studio Divine is OPEN! We are offering beginner, intermediate, and as members advance add on more classes. Look for both sport-focused classes, as well as classes in heels and exotic. The great thing about pole is its flexibility to be either sporty combining gymnastics, strength, flexibility, and a great workout to its sexier side with a deep connection to dance, cardio, and the divine feminine.

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Working one on one and providing private lessons is all part of what we do. Are you interested in private lessons for pole fitness, energy medicine, or past life regression hypnosis? We offer several different types of services all focused on getting more out of life. Contact me to set up an appointment and let me know what service you are interested in booking.

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Soul Sessions

Explore different techniques, including energy medicine, past life regression hypnosis, understanding addictions, and toxic relationship counseling. We will be opening a sacred space for a deepened sense of awareness as we move through this subtle yet powerful work together. The best investment you can make is in yourself. All of our relationships and life situations are created by us. If you have suffering in some element of your life, it’s up to you to change, heal, and evolve. This is the place to get the messages.

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We will be offering workshops from pole fitness to mind, body, and soul topics. On the pole dance & fitness side look for fun chair dance workshops with a holiday theme like “Sexy Santa Chair Dance” or “Strip/Lap Valentines” Party. Studio Divine will also host sacred ceremonies like “Let’s Get Tribal”, as well as workshops on topics like “Emotions and Illness”, “Chakra Healing”, “Reiki”, “Crystal Grids”, “Dark Night of The Soul” and “Shadow Work” for men and women.

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Sexy and fit with Studio Divine!